Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How do I sign up for a membership?

  • Please visit FABLABTULSA.ORG.  At the top right of the page, find the option labelled "What We Do".  Select "Memberships" then select "Join Now".

Are there classes to teach me how to use the machines?

  • Our training is done through a video library on our membership platform.  Training for Wood Lab and Metal Lab tools will use in person training.

Do you provide or sell materials?

  • We do not sell materials.  We do provide materials for 3D printing, vinyl, and UV printing.  A small amount of scrap material for the lasers and wood shop are available to members.  Most machines require you to bring your own materials.
  • We do have small things such as various glues, fasteners, and some scrap that can be freely utilized by members.
  • Check for guidance on materials, and suggested retailers.

What software do I need to create files and use the machines?

  • Each station has the required software needed to operate the machine.  All desktops and laptops in the lab have 2D and 3D software installed for file creation. For recommended software, please visit FABLABTULSA.ORG, "What We Do", "Membership", "Software".

Can I bring my kids or a friend to help on a project?

  • Yes, you may bring family/friends to the lab to help with a project, but the MEMBER is the only person allowed to operate the machine.
  • Children are allowed in the studio as long as they stay by their Guardian.
  • Minimum age for the Wood or Metal Lab is 14 years old.

How old do I need to be to become a member?

  • 18 years old or older

Can children get involved with Fab Lab?

  • Follow our social media and our Public Calendar for programming, summer camps, and community events that are available to the Public.
  • Teachers or other Children Program Leaders can contact lab staff about how to bring our STEAM programming to their students.

Does Fab Lab take on commission work?

  • We do not take commission work.  Fab Lab is here to nurture the makers and DIY spirits of Tulsa, and we assist our members with machinery only.
  • We will, however, perform some services for community partners and other local Non-Profit Organizations.



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