Fab Lab Tulsa's Hardesty Hub for Makers includes machinery to work with wide ranges of materials from plastic and wood to composites and metals.  However the manner of the machining process will restrict what materials are compatible with a particular machine workstation.  

Lab Furnished Materials

The lab furnishes limited amounts of materials that are compatible with its equipment and available for its lab members to use for small projects. These materials are made available free of charge to lab members and are expected to be used in moderation.

Member Furnished Materials

Members will furnish the bulk of the materials they need for their own projects. Member furnished materials must satisfy the following requirements: 1) materials must be compatible with Fab Lab Tulsa's machinery and PPE and 2) materials must not present a hazard to the lab environment.  Members are expected to clean up, discard and/or remove waste material from their fabrication activities before leaving the lab.

Lab Sold Materials

Members will be able to purchase select items from the Fab Lab Tulsa's Member Portal's Online Store. In certain circumstances, some machinery will be entirely restricted to using material purchased directly from Fab Lab Tulsa only.  This measure is to assure the machine is operated in a safe and predictable manner for the operator.  

Usage Guidelines - All Materials

Any foreign material brought into the lab must be 1) Identifiable, 2) Compatible with the lab’s machinery, and 3) Non-Hazardous.

Observe posted material safety signs in the lab.

Lab members will furnish a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) at the request of lab staff for any material they bring into the lab.  If a material cannot be identified it cannot be used in the lab.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Prohibited Materials

Fab Lab Tulsa may prohibit and require the removal of any foreign material from the lab facility or the lab grounds.  Prohibited materials include but are not limited to:  liquid chemicals, solid/powdered chemicals, pressurized gases, explosives or accelerants, radioactive materials.  

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