Sunblaster Mini (100w LED Flashlight)

Not long ago, I went camping with some friends. We had raccoon visitors. Sure, it was our fault for leaving food on the ground, but regardless, we didn’t have the best flashlights for seeing our surroundings. Thus I was inspired to build an overkill flashlight, featuring a 100w LED chip and 9000lm max output. I’m using a heatsink and lens designed for these LED chips, along with an 80mm fan to keep things cool. I designed a wooden frame in Inkscape to hold everything together, which was cut from 1/8in Masonite on the Fab Lab Tulsa laser cutter. This was then painted and detailed, and the handle is just a wooden dowel. It uses an 11.1v 8000mah RC battery, which should last for at least 1hr 20mins. I’m boosting the battery voltage to 26-36v for the LED, which is controlled by the brightness adjustment knob. It also features an 8 digit display that monitors battery voltage. I’m very happy with how it turned out!