As a prototyping and development workspace, Fab Lab Tulsa primarily uses easily machined material families that include wood products, plastic products, foam products, paper products, films, foils, and resins.  Presently the lab does not have any metal-working capacity or composite working capacity.


Lab Furnished Materials

The lab furnishes limited amounts of materials that are compatible with its equipment and available for its lab members to use for small projects. These materials are made available free of charge to lab members and are expected to be used in moderation.


Member Furnished Materials

Members will furnish the bulk of the materials they need for their own projects. Members will clean up, discard and/or remove waste material from their fabrication activities before leaving the lab.

Ask lab staff whether temporary material storage is available.


Usage Guidelines – All Materials

Any foreign material brought into the lab must be 1) Identifiable, 2) Compatible with the lab’s machinery, and 3) Non-Hazardous.

Observe posted material safety signs in the lab.

Lab members will furnish a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) at the request of lab staff for any material they bring into the lab.  If a material cannot be identified it cannot be used in the lab.  No exceptions.


Local Material Suppliers

Fab Lab Tulsa sources much of its materials from the Tulsa area.