Fab Lab Concept

The Fab Lab concept was developed at MIT by Professor Neil Gershenfeld, founder and head of the Center for Bits and Atoms, who developed a very popular course titled “How to Make Almost Anything.”  As part of the class, he gave his students access to a fabrication laboratory containing some very basic cutting, milling and electronic tools.  And what he found, not surprisingly, is that there was no end to what his students could create when given access to simple tools, equipment and resources.  Through a collaboration with Mel King at the South End Technology Center at Tent City, they put the same resources available to MIT students in a community space, giving ordinary people the ability to make whatever they want.  Inspired by the transformative results, Dr. Gershenfeld encouraged others to open similar Fab Lab’s in their own communities around the world.  We follow The Fab Charter, support the Fab Foundation, are a member of the United States Fab Lab Network and participate in the global community.