For Education

Fab Lab Tulsa provides educational programming for schools, afterschool program providers and related interest groups and organizations. Our goal is to give your students access to technology and equipment in a space where they can experience hands-on learning and develop the cutting edge digital design and fabrication skills required to solve the problems of the future. Educational programs at the Fab Lab focus on building skills in core subjects such as math, science and art, as well as applied problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Students in the Fab Lab have the unique opportunity to design and build a wide variety of projects. Students have completed workshops building everything from wooden carrying totes to a hovercraft. The Fab Lab collaborates with teachers to maximize the value of workshops for students and teachers by designing projects that enhance in-school learning with related hands-on activities.

Before and after participating in workshops at Fab Lab Tulsa, students complete pre and post surveys to assess the impact made during their visits. Our survey results, based on student self-assessment, speak for themselves:

93% Gained a sense of self confidence during their visits

95% Said they had an increased interest in Engineering and Technology

91% Had a better understanding of how engineering is used to solve real-world problems

95% Discovered new ways to use technology

88% Understood how concepts from school are utilized

82% Were motivated to do better in school