Elliptical Box w/Lid

I made a round-ish box using a living hinge style laser cut to make the curve.

I used the Inkscape extension 'elliptical-box-maker' to generate the cuts to make the box sides and lid all fit together (nearly) seamlessly: https://github.com/BvdP/elliptical-box-maker

(I designed the lid handle myself at least, using the Bezier curve tool in Inkscape)

Cut from 1' x 2' of 1/4" plywood (i forget which kind exactly, I recommend something with well defined grain for looks) on the Epilog 40W laser cutter, stained, then glued together.

Here's the vector file for it (SVG): http://bit.ly/ellipticbox
-Note: moving at 8% speed to cut all the way through the plywood, the laser cut took slightly more than 2.5 hours to finish!