STEM Programming

The K-12 STEM education program at Fab Lab Tulsa enables educators to introduce and illustrate a variety of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical and structural, as well as computer science, math and art. Additionally, students learn how to envision, design, build, test and refine their ideas through hands on experience with 2D and 3D design software and digital fabrication tools. When using technology in education, the key is to enhance the concepts being taught. Educational programs and Fab Lab Tulsa focus on building skills in core subjects, such as math and science, as well as applied problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, all of which are critically important in the modern economy.  Our experience shows the project-based approach to learning, combining practical curriculum with technological tools, enhances the applied problem-solving and critical-thinking skills of students.  This is crucial in preparing our youth for tomorrow’s workforce, where they’ll need the ability to utilize technology as they innovate and develop new solutions.

Mobile Fab Lab

The Flight Night Mobile Fab Lab is comprised of separate lab units for each piece of equipment, which are transported in a custom-built, high-tech trailer.  The mobile fab lab units are easily unloaded and rolled into a classroom for hands-on programs or an auditorium for larger demonstrations.  In addition, the trailer can be easily converted into a presentation stage or workshop, where students will participate in STEM programs and utilize the equipment on the trailer.  This flexibility, a first-of-its-kind, enables the mobile fab lab to effectively meet any on-site needs.  With the state-of-the-art mobile fab lab, we can provide an opportunity for even more students to experience hands-on learning of STEM subjects by bringing the most exciting pieces of digital fabrication equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters and a 3-axis mill, directly to the students where they can learn in their own schools and classrooms.

Program Framework

Program Outcomes